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Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 1:31pm : General : Gaming

Welcome DZG's first pro League of Legends team. We are proud to announce that DatZit Gaming will now have his first semi-professional team. The team known as Fiction Esports, has been bought and will now perform under the name of DZG. Our coach Alex “Fiction” Kim, known as one of the best coaches around  the NACS scene, will be the Head Coach of the new DZG team. The players are :

Top: Ramsey James “Soraxus” Gomez
Jungle: Dat “Kitzuo” Nguyen 
Mid: Nicholas “Rebound” Dziarmaga
Adc: Alan “Sleepyz” Liao
Support: Olivier “Winter” Lapointe

We are confident that the team will make it to NACS qualifications and be in the NACS scene.


DatZit Gaming

DatZit Gaming


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