(Stream) Arbritrarium joins DatZit Gaming

Tue 1st Sep 2015 - 7:58am : General : Gaming

Arbitrarium :  Hey guys, I’m Rylea. Some people call me Arbitrarium (or Aeries, if you knew me way back when!). I like to play video games and was a Blizzard nerd until I found League: WoW, D3, SC2. Also, I’m kind of a noob. Your job is to pretend that you didn’t notice. Thanks for that. I tend to play supportive champions, tanky or healy, and that’s what I do IRL too.

The way to my heart: food, literature, games. Please note the category “food” is weighted heavily in the favor of coffee and the rest in pho. Say 78% coffee, 21% pho, 1% other. “Other” equals cookies. Good, we’ve covered that.

Drop in some time and say, “Hi!” Psst! I also love Tweets. They make me feel loved!

DatZit Gaming

DatZit Gaming


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